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Responsible dog ownership training and free veterinary care in Liberia

Despite the present deadly Ebola disease our country is faced with, the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society went ahead and celebrated World Animal Day. This year we responded to the needs of animals who are exploited by humans. LAWCS conducted an outreach program, visited various communities, educated community people about responsible pet ownership and provided free veterinary care for animals in need, mainly dogs. In Liberia, dogs serve people in various capacities: security, hunting, source of income, pet, etc, but they are treated as property rather than sentient beings. The issue of animal welfare in Liberia is seen as a new phenomenon. LAWCS conducted this program from October 1 to 4 with the aim of improving the relationship between dogs and their owners, improving the welfare and health of dogs and to change peoples negative behaviours and attitudes towards animals so they can begin to value the lives of their dogs. We are delighted to report that our program had a tremendous impact. People pledged to improve the living conditions of their dogs by providing proper kennels, food and water bowls, and appropriate veterinary treatment as and when necessary. We will continue to promote empathy and compassion for all animals in Liberia through community engagement, education, lobbying, etc. 

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