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Rethinking our relationship with animals and the COVID-19 pandemic

LAWCS and the Forestry Development Authority, local office will be organizing a massive public awareness about the protection of animals and to rethink our relationship with animals in order to stop future pandemics. The event will be done in Konia, Zorzor District, Lofa County, Liberia

We had a massive celebration of this year World Animal Day by organizing in collaboration of the Forestry Development Authority, local office a massive parade followed by a street performance at the market ground of Konia, Lofa County. The event created awareness about the plight of all animals and called on everyone to stand up for the welfare and protection of all animals. The event also provided the opportunity for the people to reflect on our relationship with other non-human animals that is resulting in pandemics like Ebola and the current COVID-19. 

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