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Run For Animals Challenge 2018

To commemorate this annual celebration of all things furry on World Animal Day (4 October), we must remember the important role that animals have to play in our world, as well as the people who devote their lives working to protect and care for them.

So we are encouraging you to run/walk and show your appreciation of all the animals by participating in this online race.

This special day reminds us that while the creatures out there cannot speak for themselves, we can stand up and be a voice for them. The animals will thank you for it, as will the generations to come who will still be able to enjoy them!

You are encouraged to ditch the fur fabrics, refuse to buy products tested on animals and – probably of greater concern to the majority of folk – convert to vegetarianism for this day.

What is it: This is an Online race/challenge. An Online race/challenge allows you to join and run anywhere in the world with a GPS-enabled running app or tracker. 
Date: Complete the challenge from 4 October 2018 (World Animal Day)  00:00 to 11 October 2018, 23:59
Submission: Last submission on 11 October 2018, Thursday (23:59) GMT+08
Sign up: https://runso.co/animalrun18

More than 500 participants signed up for the event globally and $331 was donated to the beneficary – Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre. https://acres.org.sg

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