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Sending flowers to remind the mothers of primate babies killed for the primate pet trade

Yearly, in Indonesia thousands of mother primates are killed to take their babies to be sold in the cruel pet trade.

The wild caught babies, are pulled from the lifeliess bodies of their mothers to be sold. The babies will be taken on long road trips across the country to end up for sale on the side of the road or in animal markets, after which people buy them to be chained or caged for life. Surely many babies dont make the trip. Baby macaques are also abused in the cruel dancing monkey industry, which we are fighting hard to end. The young macaques are trained to become a dancing monkey, a very cruel and long process. The macaques are hung, chained, beaten, placed in water buckets (drowned) during these trainings. 


We want to see an end to this abuse. Long tailed macaques and pig tailed macaques face no protection in Indonesia. They are listed as of ‘least concern’ and for this reason people do with them whatever they want, unpunished. 


Even though we are working hard to end the dancing monkey trade the issues with the welfare fo these primates are still overwhelming, For this reason, on world animal day, a national event is organized to bring flowers to the decision makers’s offices, to remind the mothers killed for the primate pet trade. 

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