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Series of Educational Events (x4)

Bioparque La Reserva will celebrate World Animal Day 2011 with various activities taking place over two weekends. These will focus on teaching visitors the importance of protecting the natural environment and the human impact on ecosystems 1st and 2nd and 8th-9th October 2011 10- 11 am : Workshop “animal adaptations” (explanation using different animal skulls) 12m-13 pm: Environmental enrichment techniques (workshop of environmental enrichment for mice, rats and Harpy eagle) 4pm-4:30 pm: Talk “The importance of Oxygen”. After the talk, the general public can buy a plant or a tree to plant in the Biopark. The workshop’s materials (except the plant or tree) are mostly recycled or are in stock in La Reserva. For the participants of the activities, Bioparque La Reserva gives a Bioparque la Reserva’s bracelet. Further information: info@bioparquelareserva.com Claudia

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