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Show Mercy To The Working Horses

Compassion towards the working horses” Our theme for this year’s World Animal Day.

As we all know, horse cart or horse labour is an inhumane practice which is going on for a long long time in the name of heritage. In the near future, we hope this practice will come to an end. But there are hundreds of horses and a lot of families who are dependent on this trade. So at this moment, we have to think about the rehabilitation of these horses and the alternative employment options for the families involved. If we don’t think about the solution, then our protest will be useless. We, the animal lovers will gather in front of National Press Club on 4th October. The objective is to bring out the facts related to horse labour to the government’s responsible administration. We’ll also ask questions about how logical it is to use an animal driven vehicle in a modern city like Dhaka where motor vehicles are available and technologies are advancing.

As there is animal welfare act 2019, we believe that if we try we can bring this period under rules and regulations before permanently removing this inhumane form of ‘heritage’. As animal rights activists, our moral status is to permanently stop this inhumane and meaningless mode of transportation. At the same time we have to think about step by step processes about how to make it effective and logical towards the administration.

Let it begin on 4th October, Friday. PAW Foundation will stand for the working animals this time. Please do join us from your ethical point of view.


PAW Foundation,Bangladesh

World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4 in order to raise awareness about the protection and rights of animals

Animal rights organization People for Animal Welfare (PAW) has called for the need to include the draft horses’ rights under Labour Act in Bangladesh. 

The demand came from a human chain formed to commemorate the World Animal Day, organized by PAW in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday. 

World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4 in order to raise awareness about the protection and rights of animals.

The animal rights activists in the human chain were holding placards that read:  “Do not act blindly, and treat us [horses] the way you want to be treated.” 

PAW Founding Chairman Raqibul Haque Emil told Dhaka Tribune that the use of traditional horse carts in Dhaka city, needs to be questioned. 

“These horses are deprived of their rights. They are not fed properly, and do not have shelter. They work tirelessly for people’s recreation and yet are left in abysmal condition,” said Emil. 


While talking about the horses’ condition in their old age, he said: “The draft horses are left alone to die because they become unable to work, and hence are considered useless by their owners due to aging.” 

Emil recommended creating shelters for these draft horses, and demanded strict regulation for them in the Animal Welfare Act 2019. 

Rotna Gomes, director of rescue and rehabilitation of PAW said this year their theme is protecting horses from being abused for people’s recreation. 

“However, this is not a new issue. Draft horses have been starved, left in the open in hostile weather for years now,” she said. 

“We, PAW, and animal rights activists have taken oath to protest them [horses] against this practice,” she added. 

Animal rights activist Nila Habiba said there is no need for horse carts in Dhaka as there are already plenty of convenient vehicles for people.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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