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Snap a selfie in support of World Animal Day – organised by easyStorage

world animal day

easyStorage World Animal Day competition

easyStorage (part of the easyJet family) has teamed up with easyDogwalker, and PetShop.co.uk in support of World Animal Day. Help us build a better future for animals. Just submit an animal selfie for a chance to win, raise awareness and we will donate to the Naturewatch Foundation.



Snap a selfie with an animal, upload it for a chance to win and we donate to charity

Upload a photo

Take a picture with a furry animal friend (bonus if it features orange)

Win £75 voucher

Enter for a chance to win a £75 voucher from PetShop.co.uk

We donate

A donation will be made to the Naturewatch Foundation


Join us and enter the competition now! 

The easyStorage family is full of animal lovers, so we decided to run an animal selfie competition to help raise awareness for World Animal Day.

world animal day

Every year on the 4th of October, the world comes together to raise awareness in order to improve the welfare standards of all animals.

world animal day
We had a blast with our World Animal Day Flag!

We wanted to get involved as a team of animal lovers, so we decided to run an animal selfie competition to help raise awareness for the cause. (We also thought it would be a great way to get plenty of cute animal pics!)

We teamed up with easyDogwalker, and PetShop.co.uk. As keen animal loving businesses, they both were keen to get involved! The PetShop.co.uk kindly offered to donate a £75 voucher for the winner to be used on their online store. Then the members of easyGroup easyDogwalker and ourselves, agreed to team up and donate to the official sponsor of World Animal Day, the Naturewatch Foundation.

We even got a helping paw from my dog Leo who became the model for the campaign and enjoyed his day meeting the team as well as getting to explore a whole easyStorage van!

world animal day
Leo (my dog) aged 4, proudly modelling his World Animal Day merchandise

World Animal Day even got in contact to request a picture of Leo modelling a special bandana and the flag too.

We thought, rather than keeping all of these adorable pictures to ourselves, we thought we would share our top submission of some lovely furry friends and at the end you can even meet the winner in a special video!

Sir Stelios got involved with the picture paw-fect Jackie!

world animal day
Sir Stelios holding an easyStorage mug in one hand and adorable Jackie in the othe

Russell and Fiona from BBC had rescue dog, Lucy posing with her full support for the cause

world animal day
Lucy, the rescue dog lying down looking lovingly into the camera


Millie and Hettie sent a photo in because they know animal welfare should be a golden rule for everyone

world animal day
These two ginger cuties were more than happy to pose for a picture on a sunny day

The very pretty Evie put on her high vis vest to match Leo’s

world animal day
Evie is wondering why anyone would argue that animals (especially cats) are not the best

Eloise from Birmingham with Alfafa and his favourite clownfish (or Nemo) toy

world animal day
Alfafa found Nemo – although he doesn’t seem too sure about it

Sam, proudly wearing her easyStorage fleece, found a neigh-bour who was very happy to pose

world animal day
Horseriding is easy – right?!

Lyra tried helping her dad James but kept sleeping on the job

world animal day
Lyra’s favourite sleeping spot is right on Dads notebook, especially when he wants to use it

Spencer and Molly are always happy to don the easyOrange for a quick photoshoot

world animal day
Molly is barking mad about easyStorage

Conrad sent in a lovely photo of Fred’s favourite sleeping position

world animal day
Fred says it’s purr-fectly comfortable

Founder Tim found a very interesting animal that he seemed to identify with for some reason…

world animal day
Two bald eagles

This had to be one of our most interesting submissions

world animal day
People really do go nuts for easyStorage

One of our loaders entered with a gorgeous cat who is not camera shy

world animal day
There is cat trapped in your screen and it looks just like me

Joanna knew that her dog always has a smile for helping his fellow animal friends

world animal day
Could he be smiling any more?


Watch the video for a few more submissions and for the winner to be revealed!

Well done to our winner: Rehan and her lovely dog Harley. Thank you to everyone who took part, we really appreciate every single person who got involved!

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