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SPANA Jordan celebrates World Animal Day 2012

Following up our previous report regarding World Animal Day in Jordan, we carried out the work on September 24th and 25th in many villages in the surrounding area of Karak.

We had planned for some time organizing the work with the locals, and as expected it was very well done and the advertising was very successful.

We (SPANA veterinary team) managed to help a lot of animals, including two serous colic cases. Most needed worming, having their teeth rasped and hooves trimmed.

On the first morning we presented SPANA plaques to the Sheikhs who had helped to organize the work, then we worked from two mobile clinics and the truck from which comfortable head collars and ropes were distributed to replace rough head gear and pieces of cable. The vehicles were parked by a school, and when the children finished lessons they brought their donkeys to be examined.

On the second day we carried out field work to see animals which had not come to us the first day, stopping in a number of villages.

Following is the number of animals treated:

179 Horses, 166 donkeys, 16 mules, 39 camels, and 71 dogs vaccinated against rabies and treated for injuries. Total 471.

Other animals were examined, but didn’t need treatment.

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