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Special celebration of World Animal Day 2013 in Syria by awarding working equines

Special celebration of World Animal Day 2013 in Syria by awarding working equines

This year Syrian working animals were very proud to be able to make a fabulous job in the different agriculture areas of Syria. As the unrest continue to affect the life of the Syrian farmers and all inhabitants through the lack of money in the hand of people because of the economical sanction on Syrian economy and at the same time the shortages in energy (Diesel and Electricity) in different places, most of farmers rely their hard work on animals.

The lack of funds in the Animal Protection Project of Syria this year has led us to celebrate WAD 2013 by just symbolic honoring of some working equines as a great thank from all Syrian people to those creatures who stand beside us in this special situation and provide the necessary power to make us able to survive through blowing lands, planting it and providing us with necessary crops and cereals for the millions of Syrians who still living together with other animals in their habitat.

Khaled is a Vet. Who was working in the project for more than 13 years and since some months he turn his direction to help his father in a totally another business as he lost his job, but his love to animals didn’t allowed him to forgot the celebration of WAD this year, he went on the 4th of October to the villages where he was providing aids to the working equines and give symbolic medals to some of the working animals there, his concept was to tell farmers that all Syrians are kin to the valuable work of those creatures.

Students at the faculty of veterinary medicine distributed many leaflets and publications about animal welfare and animal care to children in the schools, who became very happy to read it.

We hope to be able next year to come back to our animals and children with national activities celebrating world animal day as usual and we are very sorry that this national celebrations couldn’t be able to run this year with all Syrian children.

Dr. Darem Tabbaa, World Animal Day Ambassador and Director of the Animal Protection Project in Syria.

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