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Special Celebration of World Animal Day in Syria

As the Syrian Arab Republic is working hard on the revision of the Educational Curriculum for the new generation, the curricula of biology modified the covers of the textbooks to be pictures of Syrian Fauna and Flora. Ministry of Education put on the front cover of these books drawings of Syrian wild animals with a description on the back page including the Latin name and information about their habitat, status, food etc. 

This will help improve awareness amongst the younger generation of the need to take care of animals. At the same time the Ministry choose for all textbooks of social studies, from 1st to 4th grade, figure of Syrian animals (Like Syrian brown bear, squirrel, Syrian woodpecker etc..) to join children during their study, describing by each lesson something about their behavior to make those children more familiar with the lifecycle and needs of animals in wild. This is the Syrian contribution to the world animal day 2017 celebration.


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