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Special Event in the Forest

APAF is celebrating World Animal Day in a marvellous forest, Baabda Forest, in Lebanon. Our organization has achieved many goals and rescued many poor souls despite only being one year old on 16th October! APAF started a year ago with a silent march for animals rights and it was also the first time in All arab countries asking for the animals rights in all fields. All went well,and media and press covered the event. This year, we did work hard to prepare that special day,and Terre Liban which is working for the environment and fauna flora matters gave us their forest, and help to achieve once again that beautiful event. media,and press will write about that also.We wish to get involved again each year. We will have around 200 guests attending with their pets and many small gifts will be distributed. Founder and Director-Soraya Mouawad, Maria Kotentaky-Co-founder, Tony Moussawer-Head of Volunteers & Event Planning, Jane Reijers-Public Relations, Dalia Ashkouty-Visual Artist & Graphic Designer.

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