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Special Radio Program

Dear Friends, We are the world’s first radio station exclusively devoted to the defence of animals and their rights. We will be participating in World Animal Day celebrations this year by airing a special 1-hour program on 4th October called ‘World Animal Day’. In the program, we will include the history of World Animal Day, its goals etc., and its importance for the protection and welfare of animals worldwide. The program will also feature several interviews with people answering the following questions: 1-How important are animals in your life? 2-What is your message to people on World Animal Day? The program will be on all day and can be heard at any time. During the program we will also play beautiful music from our library of songs interspersed with phrases on World Animal Day. Our daily schedule is followed throughout Brazil and Portugal and it can be heard online around the world! www.radiodefesadosanimais.com. Leonardo Bezerra.

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