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Stop cruelty to all animals, including farm animals, sea-animals, wild and stray animals.

Please join “World Animal Day 2019” organized by “1/24 Social  Movement Environment  Wing”  in 4th October 2019, at 4 pm at Chowchala Seabeach , Anandbazar, Barapol, Chattagram, Bangladesh, South Asia.

  “World  Animal Day-2019”  has been observed by ” 1/24 Social Movement “ a non-profit ,non-political , voluntary organization,  along with the volunteers  and members of this organization  and the event venue  was Chowchala Sea beach , Anandbazar, Barapol, Chattagram, Bangladesh, South Asia. We have raised awarness amongst the tourist of sea beach  to be kind with wild animals as well as sea animals, stray animals and farm animals ,  also  have inspired people to be kind with birds and to stand with animals for protecting them. We have  motivated  people not to  pollute sea beach area as it harms life of sea animals  by cleaning up  the beach area.

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