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TED Circle

TED Circle is a monthly pop-up event designed to engage conversations around social and environmental challenges, around a TED talk to transform ideas into tangible action.

Making use of behavioural insights into what motivates people to change, each event is centred around a talk shared across the globe and an interactive activity to support us to take action.

Join us for a meaningful conversation

We came together, on the evening of the 4th of November, virtually – via the web – in an intimate TEDcircle, connecting from different parts of Europe, to watch together a TED talk about “Truth Tellers”. we share a monthly theme, all across the globe. Many other circles of people are having meaningful conversations, sharing and debating ideas worth spreading. 

A TED circle is a simple gathering to consider an idea, beautifully explained in less than 20 minutes. A TED circle is a kind of zoom meeting, a get together with strangers, for a purpose: engaging in dialogue with an idea, with oneself and with others. A TED Circle is the kind of party that starts as an encounter between strangers and, with each voice sharing, we become a circle of friends. Trust is something we build with courage. The courage to bring ourselves and take part. Rispect, Radical Honesty & above all, we love Curiosity!
It’s a fun little event, interactive, from everywhere and anywhere. A virtual connection with powerful Collateral Effects

“Fantastic! Let’s do this again!”

& we do, so whenever it is that you are reading this, get in touch for your chance to get in our TED Circle. It will become your too! 

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