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The Aesops Fables Lecture

The Aesops Fables lecture is a pilot for a never ending story told one chapter at a time. The concept is to encourage children and their parents to create fables together using animals as role models.

On January 1st 2017 this lecture will launch the New Year as the inception of this online childrens anthology that will continue to grow and grow as fables are added.
People from all over the world will be able to submit their fables online so that each Animal                                                                                                          
( Fox, Spider, Zebra, Bee, etc etc ) will have countless variations from the perspective of many different cultures. 

The Aesops Fables lecture will be documented as a pilot project to present to foundations and organisations that want to help make this vision come to life beyond the date of the event. With or without support The Aesops Fables project begins January 1st 2017 in honor of WORLD ANIMAL DAY and will continue through the efforts of the attendies who will be invited to submit their own fables to the first round of the anthology.

This project would offer children together with their parents an opportunity to bond through the cultivation of compassionate awarness towards all Animals from A to Z.          
In addition to this, children will be introduced to the concept of `The Power of The Written Word` and how imagination is the basis of all change.  

The Aesops Fables lecture will be held at Alias Theater located at St. Eriksplan in Stockholm Sweden in honor of WORLD ANIMAL DAY.                                          
Dates & Times: January 1st 2017 from 12:00 – 15:00
Addmission is free. 

If you want to attend write to us and reserve a seat at guardianofthekingdom@gmail.com

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