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The Gambia prepares for World Animal Day 2016

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, in Collaboration with its partners, will be organising the following events to mark the commemoration of World Animal Dayin The Gambia:

  • Radio panel and discussion and call-in programme in local languages on Gambia Radio and Television Services on the 4th October. The panel discussions will focus on the  imprtance of World Animal Day and creating awareness and sensitization on animal welfare issues. The members of the panel will include The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, The Department of Livestock Services and the Gambia Veterinary Association.
  • Press conference with print media on World Animal Day by panel members
  • Sensitization programme in selected lower basic schools in West Coast Region. This event will focus on the role of children in animal welfare. The event will be conducted by the Gambia College and University of The Gambia animal advocates with support from GHDT
  • Village level community sensitization on animal welfare through dissemination of targeted messges using traditional communicators. This event will be organised on 4th October in Sambel Kunda Central River Region on October the 4th.
  • Radio programmes on local radio by GHDT staff and Gambia College an UTG Animal Advocates  to mark World Animal Day and to create awareness and sensitize the general population on animal welfare
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