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The Nature Exchange: Wildlife Welfare

The Nature Exchange: Wildlife Welfare

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For World Animal Day and Toronto Ravine Days, Humber Arboretum staff are hosting the first ever in-person version of The Nature Exchange.

Previously an online-only event, The Nature Exchange is a casual conversation amongst Humber Arboretum staff in which attendees are welcome to just listen in or to contribute their own thoughts.

On October 4th (World Animal Day), we'll be sitting down inside the Centre for Urban Ecology to chat about wildlife welfare and share our thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. While the conversation at the Nature Exchange is always free-flowing, we may look at questions like:

– What responsibility do humans have to make the lives of wildlife better?

– If we are going to intervene, should we only try to help when humans have caused harm, or should we be proactive in addressing issues such as wildlife illness, parasites, and natural struggles for survival?

– Are nature documentarians right to take a no-intervention stance when they see wildlife suffering?

– Should government provide support for wildlife rehabilitators?

- What can we as individuals do to improve the welfare of wildlife around us?

The Humber Arboretum is found at the back of Humber College North Campus in North Etobicoke.

This free event is open to all but as space is limited pre-registration is required: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-nature-exchange-live-wildlife-welfare-tickets-715968650507

Or visit Humber.ca/arboretum/events to learn more.

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