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The Passerine Project

On World Animal Day the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the ecology is also commemorated.    Saint Francis is often depicted with birds, the most fragile of animals. This World Animal Day, the New Jersey Chapter of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization is unveiling “The Passerine Project” a series of learning programs and creative activities meant to encourage students & adults to take up bird watching activities and look at passerine birds with conservation awareness and artistic curiosity. 

To encourage educators and parents to participate in this campaign, flyers and infographics will be made available for download at: https://www.laeonj.org/flyers through the end of the year. Educators interested in creating learning programs should request our PowerPoint Presentation at: https://www.laeonj.org/contact.

To keep track of the interest in “The Passerine Project” please include the hashtag #wciyfp?* on any social media post inspired by this project.

The book companion to The Passerine Project; “What Color Is Your Favorite Passerine” is now available on Amazon.

By focusing on twenty passerine birds from around the world this picture book is an introduction to passerines, their habitats and peculiarities. The great task of caring and conserving passerine birds can only begin with a greater awareness of how these birds share their lives with us and how their song and colors add to our appreciation and perception of the natural world.

Whether in the American backyard or the African bush, passerines are beautiful birds that play an important role in biodiversity and in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

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