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The Second Animal Protection Congress

We would like to invite you to The Second Animal Protection Congress in Serbia, that will take place on October 7th at Radisson Blu Hotel in Belgrade (address Bulevar vojvode Mišića).

The basic idea of this Congress is embodied in the Congress logo that presents several disjointed pieces of a puzzle, bound together by a circle with an imprint of an animal paw. These puzzle pieces represent all of us – a large number of organizations that help animals in various ways, all doing the best we can, with best intentions, within the field of our specialty.

However, this also limits us, just like the puzzle pieces that are limited by their edges. We are bound and classified by our activities, as well as by the parts of the country where we work, and by the method of our work. All of us face the same problems: lack of information, unwillingness to cooperate with others, and prejudice towards others. Sometimes our activities overlap, but never, so far, have we put all the pieces of a puzzle in such a way so as to work and act together.

On the other hand, we believe that all of us share unselfish love and care for animals, and that we give our best to help and protect them, as well as give them a better quality of life.

For this very reason, the main motif of this Congress is to put all of these puzzle pieces together and align ourselves towards the same goal – because animals do not recognize any boundaries and barriers that we, humans, set between us. For them, our borders, our limitations and our disagreements are only obstacles on the path of their wellbeing. Besides us, they do not have anyone else who can help them.

This is why we wish to gather at this Congress and discuss the topics close to our hearts, we want to get to know each other, listen to each other in good faith, exchange our experiences, information, ideas, arrive at some common conclusions and plans, so that we can put the puzzle pieces in much better and more efficient manner, and to cooperate more closely in the future.

The Second Animal Protection Congress is open for public, the attendance fee is 20 euros. 

To confirm your attendance, please send us an email at animalrescuesrb@gmail.com with the subject Congress Attendance Application.

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