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They are our friends

  • Why are animals our friends?
  • How to treat them?
  • What do they teach us?
  • What do we teach them?
  • How to care after them?
  • How to be kind to them?
  • How to be patient to them?
  • Can we exist without them?

All these points are discussed with Class 9, and students are ready to express their personal position on this topic. The lesson is held Oct. 5, 13.00 EEST time, Kauno Stepono Dariaus ir Stasio Gireno gimnazija (Misko g. 1, Kaunas 44321, Lithuania, Classroom 316).

The thematic discussion has taken place actively and efficiently. Students were honest expressing their opinions, and everybody has come to a conclusion that it is equally: we cannot live without them – they cannot live without us.

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