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Towards a Revolution in Compassion

A Public Talk on the importance of introducing Animal Protection Education into the curriculum of primary and secondary schools in Sri Lanka’ on World Animal Day on 4 October 2015.  Children are the country’€™s future so it makes sense to teach them to properly care for and respect animals from a young age.  Educating the younger generation to prevent them from ill-treating and harming living beings means they will be less likely to hurt humans in their adult life.  Since many people in our society start their journey in life by first hurting animals which develops into hurting human beings, it makes perfect sense to introduce animal protection education in Sri Lanka schools.  This will be a hugely important step in preventing animal cruelty and will help teach both current and future generations of children precious skills such as Metta (loving kindness) and Karuna (compassion) that will help stop deliberate cruelty to innocent creatures.

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