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UNESCO Protocol

We have started our action asking UNESCO the creation of an additional protocol to P.C.I. (patrimoine culturel immat�riel de l�Humanit�) for exclusion from P.C.I. of all traditions or practices based on animal bad treatment (maltraitance animale). Here are the links, an event was launched on Facebook this morning ending Oct. 15th. Letter to animal and childhood protection organizations : http://galgos-ethique-europe.over-blog.org/article-appel-aux-associations-demandons-un-protocole-additionnel-a-la-convention-du-p-c-i-pour-les-animaux-85555230.html Page for WORLD ANIMAL DAY http://galgos-ethique-europe.over-blog.org/article-4-octobre-2011-world-animal-day-journee-mondiale-des-animaux-85555967.html The request in itself sent to all international delegations of Unesco in Paris. The letter with all annexes will be delivered by our deleguee in Paris today or monday. Email with the request letter and all annexes was sent this morning : http://galgos-ethique-europe.over-blog.org/article-unesco-4-oct-journee-internationale-des-animaux-85554542.html The letter to organizations will be translated soonest. Thank you for the help you can give to this major request for animals. Jo�lle

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