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Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack

Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack
Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack
Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack
Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack
Cape of Good Hope #LoveMeBack

  • Start Date :September 4, 2017

  • End Date :October 10, 2017

  • Time : 12:00 am to 12:00 am


Event Description

We think there are two kinds of purrsons: those who love us and those who don’t. But you know what? There’s only one kind of us.

Even if you put all our paws in one place, like here at the SPCA where there’s the fluffies, tinies, biggies, bully dogs, bossy cats and a kazillion types of us, we’re still all one kind … 

… and that’s the kind who will love you, no matter what.

So, we’re wondering: does anyone love us back? Does anyone want to yelp care for us!

Everyone here wants the magic things called homes, but they say there’s not enough of those. It’s pawssible, because the SPCA looks after a lot of us – even babies of us!  But they can’t do it all by themselfs: they need your yelp!

When you yelp care for us,  it shows you love us back. It’s not too much of monies: R2 a day can buy us bubbles to keep away fleas (ugh) … R4 a day gives us medicine if we sick; and R5 a day brings food – yum! 

Every day, we need food to eat, water to drink, exercise, love, more love – and if we hurt, then we need the doctor to make us better. Don’t you need the same? 

We can’t live without it and we can’t be happy without purrsons like you … that’s why we’re asking you: please love us back.



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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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