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WAD 2012

world animal dayDear colleagues and WAD Ambassadors,

To celebrate World Animal Day 2012CATCA-ACWF will publish a brochure to educate children and teenagers about responsible pet ownership.  We will also publish a second brochure about helping and respecting urban wildlife. 

We will send these brochures to teachers in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico, Canada, and others for them to print out and distribute/use to their elementary and middle school students.  We expect these brochures to be distributed by the end of October.

world animal dayIn addition, we are lobbying for a complete ban on shark fin products in British Columbia.  I want to share with you the latest CATCA E-Newsletter  so you can read about our recent activities in Europe and Africa.   For more information on these issues please visit our website: www.catcahelpanimals.org 

Have a wonderful and successful WAD 2012!

Ericka Ceballos WAD Canadian Ambassador
President Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (N. America)                         
President of the Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation (Europe)

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