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WAD 2016 celebration

World Animal Day is a well recognized welfare promotion event in Ethiopia. We have been celebrating WAD by marching, playing animal welfare oriented songs, best animal handling competitions, poems, drawings, etc. We celebrate WAD under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries (MoLF).  Participants include members of the House of Parilament in Ethiopia, heads or representatives from the MoLF, SPANA Ethiopia, Donkey Sanctuary Ehiopia, Brooke Ethiopia, Ethiopian Veterinary Association, Society of Animal Welfare, municipality heads or representatives, transport office representatives, regional or zonal livestock sectors, traffic polices, veterinary students, scouts, school children, animal owners and carthorse drivers.

Every year we travel to one of the major cities or towns in Ethiopia. So far we jointly celebrated the Day in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Dire Dawa, Mekelle, Denkaka (close to Bishoftu). This year we planned to create a media forum to improve public awareness about the Day and Animal Wlfare in general. More to come next week! We celebrate WAD 2016 in Addis Ababa. Media are invited to report this important day for Animals, our friends!

We value the Lives of Animals! Animals are sentient beings!

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