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Walking, Spotting, Picking & Tagging – a personal collection, a common benefit

how: by Walking and paying attention.
get in touch with your nature, and nature around you. This is even more interesting if you are walking with a dog!
Step 1 – getting in touch with our animal-ness, paying attention with all our senses – observe how differently your dog does this
Step 2 – feeling in relation to our environment, how we are moving through the landscape – observe how differently your dog does this
Step 3 – start noticing
Step 4 – take a snap
Look-again with Mindful photography for WELLBEING and RESILIENCE of PEOPLE and PLANET
when a plant, a bug, a bird… take a snap with your phone and upload to iNaturalist
when you notice some rubbish, pick it up, safely, with gloves if you have them (often among the litter you will even find a bag), take a snap with your phone and upload to Litterati

as well as satisfying your sillegic drive and finding a deeper connection with your environment, you will be helping to value the biodiversity of your area and in keeping it safer for the other animals living in it; while joining the community of people gathering data about it: add your pixels to the bigger picture!

you are also welcome to post pictures on your socials, add # tags and connect with us to celebrate.
Get in Touch! Together we are building the world we wish to see.

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A fantastic celebration of world animal day!

We connected to share the love and the importance of the animals in our lives and to talk about our environment.

we talked about our pets and our wildlife, but we also considered our wider connection with nature and our being part of it: what it means to us to act for the benefit of all living creatures?

We joined and rejoiced with the walkers of Cammino Animale, led by Angelo Vaira, that walked over 200km from Assisi to Rome. on the footsteps of San Francis, to deliver a letter of love and a message of urgency. #daSanfrancescoaPapaFrancesco

Vivi Consapevole, in collaboration with Macrolibrarsi & Italia che Cambia, held 10 hours of live broadcast featuring an incredible cast of experts on the theme of Animal wellbeing.

A TED Circle was held to watch and discuss together an inspiring TED Talk on the subject of Rights and Justice.

The race to WAD 2021 has already started, join in!  

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