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“What’s up, dog?”-A symposium on dog breeding and hereditary disorders

On the 4th of October the Belgian Animal Welfare Department traditionally organizes a symposium on the occasion of World Animal Day. This year’s theme will be the breeding of dogs and the possible consequences of inbreeding and thoughtless breeding on hereditary disorders. This is a hot topic in Belgium as well as abroad and calls for action!

A dog with breathing problems due to a nose that is too short, or with hereditary deafness, breeds that can be brought back to a small number of parent stock and that are facing extinction… During the symposium, attention will be devoted to both the causes of these problems and the vision of society. Various organizations and key players, who are aware of the problem and have already taken measures, will talk and will shed light on their results. Furthermore, the Swedish Kennelclub, pioneer in the approach of breeding problems, will share its experiences with the public.


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