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Wildlife Adventure Parents and Childrens Workshop

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The Hong Kong government recently legislated to ban the ivory trade locally within five years. Many would like the ban introduced earlier and this has become an important issue in Hong Kong. The continuing high demand for ivory ornaments in Asia has been largely responsible for the dramatic decline in the elephant population in Africa, with some experts predicting the animal will be wiped out in 10 years if effective action is not taken now. Not only are poachers killing elephants, but also the rangers who try to protect them.

To celebrate World Animal Day, the SPCA will draw the attention of parents and children in Hong Kong to the reality of this highly consequential issue by holding two Saturday workshops (in Chinese) with puzzles, games and handicraft activities about the elephant. 

Date: Oct 14 and Oct 21, 2017

Time: 11:00 -12:30pm

Venue: SPCA Headquarters in Wanchai, Hong Kong 

Fees: $100@ 

View a poster about this event

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