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Wildlife Week: The Spectacular World of Wildlife

The Spectacular World of Wildlife

As a part of our campaign, ‘The Spectacular World of Wildlife’, we at Voiceless India, are conducting 3 competitions- 2 art competitions and 1 writing competition. The purpose of these competitions is to sensitize students towards nature and environmental degradation and enable them to be a voice for change.
All these events will be conducted online. 
  1. Art Competition #1: ‘Life in the Vanishing Jungles‘- This competition is for students up to Grade 9. Its main purpose is to spread awareness and help students, even at a young age, understand the importance of wildlife, and speak up against its destruction.
    The registration fee is Rs. 100
  2. Art Competition #2: ‘Threats to Wildlife Under the Water‘- This next competition is meant for students in Grade 10 and above. While people often only associate the term wildlife with jungles, forests, and the Terrestrial Animals in it, this competition aims to bring about awareness of the depleting aquatic wildlife and give the children to be a voice for them.
    The registration fee is Rs. 100
  3. Story-Writing Competition: ‘Heroes of the Animal Kingdom‘- This is a writing competition for students from Grade 7 and above, where we would ask them to write a story with the protagonist of the story as a member of the animal kingdom. The story must be centered around the theme of the protagonist animal helping another fellow non-human or human being in a selfless manner. Through this competition, we hope to instill a sense of compassion, empathy, and relatability in both, the readers and writers, showing them that non-human animals are no different from us, humans.
    The registration fee is Rs. 200
Competition Details-
  • Payment can be made through GPay/PayTM to 9999515003 or directly through details on http://voicelessindia.org/make-a-donation
  • Entries must be emailed to ping@voicelessindia.org
  • The last date for submission for all 3 events is 2 October 2020
  • All participants will be given an e-participation certificate.
  • The best 3 artworks (from each category) and stories will be featured on the Voiceless India website as well as our social media handles. 

Registration Link

Registrations for the above competition may be done using this link –https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyNFZ6aM0Sw6edKrQi5FAAqUPXpFu1l5TMh7tCnIDQVa1YKQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

The campaign conducted by Voiceless India for Wildlife Week was an absolute success! We engaged with students and schools from all over India as they sent in their beautiful artworks and well-written short stories. It was heart-warming to see the responses of the participants- their ideas, talent, and care towards our wildlife. Although it was difficult, we shortlisted and picked some of the best submissions as winners!

We thank all the schools and students for being a part of the ‘The Spectacular World of Wildlife’ and taking it a success. We hope that this has brought us one step closer to saving and preserving our wildlife. 

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