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World Animal Day 2012-Message from Otara Gunewardene


Today is World Animal Day, a day dedicated universally to celebrate the magical relationship between humans and animals. Around the world, individuals and organisations use this day to focus attention in particular, on the plight of endangered species and the need for a collective commitment towards conservation.


This year, the principal focus is on the Sri Lankan Elephant, an icon of our country’s wildlife heritage, and an ageless symbol of human and animal interaction in our cultural and economic life. Elephants are among the most loved wild animals among children and adults alike, but sadly the human-elephant conflict continues to take its toll on our country’s pachyderm population. World Animal Day provides the perfect backdrop to interest young audiences-in particular in the appreciation of animals and their conservation, and to communicate the importance of preserving our elephants before it is too late. Our wildlife is a valuable asset to our country and we need to work together to preserve it.


As the world celebrates yet another World Animal Day today, let’s make an effort to preserve our wild life. After all, it is our children who will inherit the planet from us, richer or poorer in animal life.


 Happy World Animal Day


 Otara Gunewardene


World Animal Day Ambassador – Sri Lanka


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