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World Animal Day 2020 – Pakistan

Press Release

Commemoration of World Animal day

Join us to power World Animal Day and speak up for those who have no voice

8th October, 2020


Brooke Pakistan in collaboration with Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab, Give us Life-Animal Welfare, and Voice for Voiceless celebrated World Animal Day in Lahore.  4th October is marked as World Animal Day, an international day of action for animal welfare.  The Mission of World Animal Day is to end animal cruelty by raising the status of animals in order to advance welfare standards around the globe.   

Mr. Naeem (Advocacy Manager) shared that Brooke is an international non-governmental charity that works to improves the lives of animals and people dependent on them. Our strategic vision is linked with one health and one welfare approach that means welfare of animals is linked with human and environment. Improved welfare of working animals ensures improved livelihoods of their owners. A key note speech was delivered by Dr. Khalid Zaheer to highlight the support that Islam provides for the importance of animal welfare. After that, there was a puppet performance and documentary prepared by students of LCWU on animal welfare and Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act. Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dreshak (Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab) was the chief guest of the event and delivered his remarks on the current situation of animal welfare in Pakistan and shared the efforts of his departments in improving the situation of animals in Pakistan. Two panel discussions focused on the legislative frameworks on animal welfare and rights in Pakistan and role of CSOs in Role NGOs in Animal Rights Awareness. Ms. Ayesha Iqbal (MPA), Ms. Ayeza Nadeem (Voice for Voiceless), and Prof Dr. Aneela Durani delivered key note speeches.

Large number of like-minded stakeholders including CSO’s, parliamentarians, media, youth and Govt. Officials gathered at the event and shared their commitments for collective efforts towards the goal in future.

At the end of event Mr. Javaid Gondal (Program Manager-Brooke) thanked all participants for their valuable input and participation in the event. He further proposed civil society, wildlife department and livestock department to work together and ‘Brooke is ready to provide a central plateform.


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