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World Animal Day 2020

Special Animals & Veterinary Emergency Relief Society, SAVERS is a student-based organization working for the welfare and relief of both veterinary and animal communities under the name of, one of the most prestigious institutes in Pakistan, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore.

Animals not only provide support and enrich our lives but also give companionship and make us better human beings. SAVERS celebrates this day to build a strong relationship between humankind and the animal kingdom. This day provided us an opportunity to serve animals and be a part of something special.

This year on World Animal Day SAVERS has decided to arrange some activities for the young vet students to learn how to use their potential, in order to bridge the humankind and animal kingdom, for animal welfare. SAVERS has arranged tremendous activities every year on the account of World Animal Day 2020.

The event will start with an “Awareness Walk”, in order to spread a unanimous message from all the vet students and staff of the institute towards the public in order to gain better attention and bring light to the animal rights and welfare.

”Tour de Safari Zoo Lahore” will be arranged for the students, as a great way for students to observe animals and feel a connection with wildlife. Zoos are actively engaged in conservation efforts to protect endangered species.

”School Outreach Activity” will also be done, in order to give exposure of pet animals to the children. it will also bring animals more close to them. students will also be educated regarding animal handling and caring.

”Documentary on Animal Cruelty” will be made by the SAVERS team, to highlight the rights and social issues of animals.

”A Video Clip” will be made on the unique animals of Pakistan. This video will be a great source of knowledge for the public.

  Along with all these activities, social media campaigns regarding animal welfare and rights will also be done. A special profile template will be generated on that day to highlight the importance of World Animal Day.

SAVERS like every year introduce its best means and efforts to highlight the importance of animal status. This year SAVERS arranged an awareness walk that comprises the animal welfare activist and undergraduate vets. The sole purpose is only to raise awareness about animal day and their role in society.

A Tour was also arranged to SAFARI ZOO Lahore. The main purpose is to increase awareness about animal status and to give a chance to students to come in close contact with animals and can make a bond with animals. Similarly, Students were also given Wild life exposure as much as including interesting information about their behavior and mode of life. Also with this students were also given the sightseeing of wild animal treatment.  Also, there was a DART GUN DEMONSTRATION for students. A wonderful experience was introduced to students along with a lot of information. With this, a competition (PHOTOMANIA) was also conducted that urge the students to capture the bewitching pictures of these beautiful creatures.


Further SAVERS on media platform performed its best by raising voice against animal cruelty through short video documentaries. And nature’s marvel was depicted by making short videos on unique animals and their characters. Such an alluring means of awareness was used to aware people of the animal’s freedom and their status. Also, profile templates were made on World animal day to highlight its significance.

SAVERS family worked with zeal and zest and successfully covered the event to its best.

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