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World Animal Day 2021

Awareness lectures by best veterinarians in town, free medical consultation, vaccinations, give aways, dog show and cat show not based on the breed but based on the care and transformation after rescue.

The event is for free, hosted by Future American school.

Hosted by Future American school, Mau Hamada and Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue team,  organized a day for pets and their owners 

The event started by Maus  talk about the aim of celebrating the world animal day . Followed by awareness lectures 

Dr Salwa Refaey talked about pet owning decisions and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Dr Mohamed Nagy talked about viral diseases and how to protect my pet with vaccinations 

Dr Mina Dimitri talked about the importance of blood analysis in diagnosis 

Finally captain Hussien El Amin from Eastwind kennel talked about the correct ways for dog training with treats and encouragement not deprivation and abuse

Followed a show of a well trained dog


Second part of the event was the contest, cats and dogs were chosen according to the care they get and their relation with their owner not based on their breed.

The judging committee was formed from the 4 speakers in addition to Mr Wassim El Sergany owner of paws n paws, Mrs Lobna Mehana honorary member of Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue team and Mr Magdy Saber owner of Future American school. 


Paws and paws pet supplies shop (actually the best in town) awarded the best 3 cats and the best 3 dogs

Vet4ever which is a leading company for veterinary medicine gave anti parasites and shampoo for all cats and dogs attending the event


Dr salwa offered a 50 % discount for a neutering surgery in her clinic 

Dr Nagy offered 25 % discount for all surgeries and blood analysis for one month in his clinic


The  first winner of the cats contest is Salama, a rescued blind cat, and second place is Zaytouna also a rescued cat, the third was Rody.

Winning dogs, Bella, Lorino and Bruno


Special thanks for Mrs Nermine Mohey head of elementary department at Future American school

Mazen Mohamed member of Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue team 

For their efforts in organizing this event 

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