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World Animal Day 2021 at the State Darwin Museum


On October 2, the Darwin Museum celebrates World Animal Day – one of the world’s oldest environmental holidays dedicated to nature protection. The halls of the museum will host a lot of activities for children and adults. Interactive learning sessions, active games, puzzles, workshops, and a thematic quest will be dedicated to the animal of 2021– the wolf, as well as its closest relative, the domestic dog. The charity foundation “Giving Hope” will give “Lessons of kindness” and organize a mini-exhibition of dogs and cats looking for loving homes. Activities for the kids have been prepared by our partners – the equestrian club “Izmailovo” and the Skysmart online school.

World Animal Day celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. The holiday will remind us of the responsibility that we bear for other inhabitants of the planet. In 2021, the day is dedicated to wolves – strong and intelligent animals surrounded by numerous legends from all over the world.

You’ll have a chance to complete the quest “Totem animal”, dedicated to wolves and other animal guardian spirits. To feel like a tribal leader you will take a picture in a real wolf skin at the end of the quest.

The visitors will be able to participate in a variety of intellectual and active games dedicated to wolves.

Kids will be offered to go to the “Cubs School”, where they will learn survival skills. They will be taught how to hunt, identify their friends by smell, communicate with each other using special signals, and develop strength, dexterity, and observation.

During the game “Who left footprints?” children will try to identify wolves, dogs, and foxes by their footprints. Participants of the game “Wolf truth” will have to guess which statements about wolves are myths and which are true. For example, is it true that wolves prefer to live in dense forests, howl exclusively from hunger and gain a lot of weight by winter?  You can also try to assemble silhouettes of wolves, dogs, and other animals from seven flat figures trying out the Chinese puzzle “Tangram”. If you are an expert on dog breeds you can test your knowledge in the game “Wolf in service of man”.

We are waiting for the most adventurous guests at the “Battle of the Spinning Tops”. You will make your own unique spinning top and will try to spin it longer than your competitors. Our creative visitors will make unique brooches in the form of different dog breeds at the master class “My pet wolf”. And at the master class “Animal hygiene” everyone can make a fragrant soap in the form of their favorite animal.

At the interactive learning session “Insect jaws under a microscope. What do they use to eat?” you will learn more about insects, and how the mouths of grasshoppers, flies, mosquitoes, bees, and butterflies work. 

The team of the “Giving Hope” foundation will hold a charity event right in front of the museum. There you will be able to meet dogs and cats looking for loving homes and take your favorite pet with you. We encourage you to participate in the collection of pet food for the foundation and get advice from professional dog handlers.

The largest Moscow pony club “Izmailovo” will tell interesting facts about their pets and hold an entertaining quiz with prizes. To win, you need to guess what various items from the equestrian world are used for.

The online English language school Skysmart has prepared themed games for the youngest visitors.


Entrance fee:

Adults — 400 roubles
Schoolage children — 150 roubles
Children 0-7 years old — free

world animal day

World Animal Day celebration at the Darwin Museum

Ecological holidays are necessary and important! It seems like the visitors of the Darwin Museum agree with us. Almost 3 thousand participants of World Animal Day visited the museum on October 2. Last year on this day, only a little more than a thousand visitors attended the celebration. We are happy and inspired that more people are willing to spend time at the museum again! Or maybe this success is due to the heroes of the holiday – the wolf and the dog? There were a lot of activities dedicated to them!

This time, master classes were especially popular. Fragrant soap in the shape of different animals always excites the delight of the youngest visitors. Participants took home their own self-created masterpieces. We hope that little soap animal will greet you with its fragrance in the bathroom for more than one week and will make your morning routine even more pleasant. Almost 90 dogs of different breeds found new homes at the master class “My pet Wolf” where the participants painted their unique brooch. –  

This year’s quest was very unusual and closely connected not only with biology but also with the culture and ancient beliefs of different peoples of the world. The participants searched for totem animals in the showcases and studied their features and habits. When they completed the tasks their totem animal was revealed right before their eyes. –

At the game “Wolf in service of man” the visitors demonstrated excellent knowledge of the importance of different dog breeds in our life. – The game “Wolf Truth” helped to bust the myths about the wolf. Puzzle lovers enthusiastically put together images of animals from simple figures in the Tangram game. The youngest visitors of the museum attended the Cubs School and even received a diploma.

The “Battle of the Spinning Tops” attracted not only amateurs but also real pros. The task was not easy, the participants not only had to create a beautiful spinning  top, but also the one that would spin for the longest time.

In the game “Who left a trail?” the participants acquired the skills of a tracker and learned to distinguish a wolf’s trail from a dog’s one by its shape. –

– The series of autumn holidays at The Darwin Museum has just begun. Get ready for the Science Festival on October 9 and the Leshy (Forest Spirit) Day on October 23. We are always happy to see you at our museum!

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