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World Animal Day 2021 in Montenegro

In celebration and recognition of World Animal Day on October 4 2021, several events were organised throughout Montenegro. 

On World Animal Day 2021, The Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica presented their new project “Let’s grow up safe with another without a roof” (Let’s grow up safe alongside stray animals). 

This project was implemented with the financial support of the Directorate for Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs and the Government of Montenegro with the aim of educating some of the countries’ youngest citizens, children aged 5-9, about animals. 

The first part of the project included an art competition that was implemented across preschool and primary schools. Some of the creative works made within this competition were used as part of an online presentation about the ongoing project work being completed by The Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica.

This competition complemented the online resources that had been created as part of this World Animal Day project. The project that was run by The Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica consisted of three main sections that aimed to directly benefit the children within their learning and provide key learning resources to teachers in primary and pre-schools.

The project, called ‘Dog For All Of Us’, aims to prevent injuries to children by stray dogs and cats by educating them about their behaviour and how to avoid unsafe interactions with them. Interactive educational content around this issue was built into a training programme that schools could use as part of their animal education work.

The educational software was delivered to schools with a manual for installation and educational workbooks. These workbooks can be completed alongside the programmes and contain questions, colouring activities, and short stories. The workbooks aimed to test the knowledge of the children, engaging them with what they had learnt. 

The booklets were made in a way that means that they can be reproduced and more widely rolled out if the project proves to be a success.

These resources were distributed within schools throughout Montenegro and these lessons have been incorporated within extracurricular activities running within the schools and were highly praised by teachers!

The cooperation that The Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica has had with the schools has meant that permanent joining educational workshops have been agreed upon, which will make use of the workbooks and the educational software. 

This was not all that took place in Montenegro in honour of 2021’s World Animal Day.

This year, the main activities for the celebration of World Animal Day on October 4 were carried out in kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools. 

The main events were:

  • Creative workshops in the kindergartens of the Public Institution “Djina Vrbica”
  • Alongside participating in the creative workshops, the PPU kindergarten “KUCICA” visited the Royal Vet veterinary clinic to learn about the veterinary profession and the animals cared for there!
  • A creative workshop was also organised within one of the kindergartens where children made clay sculptures of animals.
  • At the Andrijevica Secondary Mixed School (Veterinary Department) and the Panto Malisic Gymnasium in Berane, two professors organized lectures on animal welfare and the protection of endangered animal species in Montenegro
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