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World Animal Day 2022 @ Brooke Pakistan

Brooke Pakistan celebrated World Animal day with equine-owning communities, and partners to highlight the role and raise the status of working animals to improve welfare standards and generate awareness about them in the masses.

Brooke Pakistan encourages government line departments, like-minded animal welfare organizations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, media, and individuals to not only come on board the agenda of animal welfare and wellbeing but also become champions of change in building positive perspectives for these poor animals.

A small montage of WAD events is here for your viewing; but before you click the play button, I will also take this opportunity to share Brooke Pakistan’s social media presence, and request you all to follow our Twitter handle (twitter.com/BrookePakistan), and Instagram (instagram.com/brookepakistan) to stay updated with all the latest news and developments from Pakistan.

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