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World Animal Day 2022 – End the Cruel Live Animal Export Trade – Market Stall Cotters Market Townsville on Sunday 2/10/22

Market stall at the popular Cotters Market held each Sunday in Townsville. We will have information about animal welfare, social, economic and environmental aspects of the live animal export trade plus postcards addressed to the Australian Prime Minister calling for an end to the cruel live animal export trade for people to sign if they wish.  Cattle are exported from the Port of Townsville for slaughter offshore, mainly in Vietnam and Indonesia. 

TALE – Townsville Against Live Export held a market stall at our local Cotters Market on Sunday 2 October 2022 where we shared information about the cruel live animal export trade, and the export of cattle from the Port of Townsville for slaughter in SE Asia. Many compassionate people signed postcards addressed to the Prime Minister and a petition to our Senate calling for an end to all live animal exports. We held a second stall on Friday 7 October 2022 at another local market, the Strand Night Markets where Thorin, the whippet wore his World Animal Day bandanna and his brother Elrond an orange ribbon with the message #BanLiveExports 

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