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World Animal day celebration 2023

World Animal day celebration 2023

World Rabies Day & World Animal day 2023 in Kurdistan Region/Iraq
On 4 October 2023 KOARP accompanied by Duhok veterinary directorate and veterinary syndicate /Duhok Branch celebrated WRD & WAD 2023 in Duhok province with different activities included below:
• On 4th October 2023 morning at 9:00 PM to 10:00 AM Dr. Sulaiman invited to Bayani Bash Kurdistan Show on Kurdistan TV satellite the interview was about the WAD celebration , situation of different kinds of animals in Kurdistan and Iraq, shelters, slaughterhouse , pet animals, spay and neuters.
• From 10-12 AM as KOAPR Dr.Sulaiman precipitated the panel that organized in Duhok Vet. Directorate and mentioned The Kurdistan and Iraq GOV. should deal with the situation of Stray animals population with new scientific and modern .
• Interview of Dr. Sulaiman with Many media, journalist like Duhok TV, AVA media Xandan News and Duhok Radio from 12-8:00 PM ,the interview was about World Animal Day, WAD Ambassadors around the world, role of ambassador, KOARP activities, Hunting and extinction of wild animal in Kurdistan, Education and awareness of people specially Children in School to tack care, love, protect and adoption animal specially stray animals, role of government to approve animal rights and welfare.
• Online meeting from 2:00 to 3:00 PM with Members of American University/Iraq Baghdad , the meeting was about the animal rights and welfare draft law and ways for development the education and awareness between peoples to respect and take care of animals
• Vaccination and treatment of stray animals and shepherd dogs free campaign supported by Robin Hood Organization.

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