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World Animal Day* Dr Dog 30th Anniversary Celebration!

To arouse the public’s attention on 9.28 World Rabies Day and to contribute to the celebration of World Animal Day (10.04), as well as Dr Dog’s 30th anniversary,  Animals Asia have conducted 4 events in 4 different cities of China: Chengdu, Nanning Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.


  1. World Rabies Day campaigns in Chengdu, Nanning, and Guangzhou:

We offered 100 rabies vaccines (for cats and dogs) and 200 packs of dog/cat food free of charge to the cat/dog owners in each city. We have also designed some fun games to interact with the public, by playing with the games, they could learn about rabies and the ways to prevent the disease. Vets were also there to answer questions, perform the injection, and preliminary body checks for cats and dogs.

 The campaigns in Chengdu and Nanning have attracted over 100 pet owners along with their furry friends.


  1. World Animal Day + Dr Dog 30th anniversary

On 4th October, the World Animal Day, Animals Asia conducted a public event in Shenzhen, to celebrate the day as well as the 30th anniversary of Dr Dog program.

The event was in a large shopping mall  , we have set up a photo exhibition that displays over 100 photos collected in the 30 years of Dr Dog program from Hong Kong, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, showing the moments of love, care, warmth, and joyfulness.

We have also printed out 10 posters with fun facts about wild animals, to call for public attention to endangered animals.  

There was also a flash mob! We made 100 pieces of large puzzles  (a 67*56 square meter image) and had volunteers put them together (as shown in the video). The image of the puzzle is a cartooned Dr Dog, a volunteer and a granny who’s visited by them, the text says happy 30th birthday Dr Dog! Through the event, we hope to make people understand that dogs are not only animal, they could be human’s best friends, helpers, and companions in life. 

There were also interesting games alongside to attract the public, for example, The plank challenge (do plank for 30 secs with your dog sitting at your back), the Guess the Word challenge (guess words about cat and dog in teams), and selfies with Dr Dogs at the scene. 


We have attracted over 1000 people through the public events we held in the 4 cities. 


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