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World Animal Day @ Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

As you know, World Animal Day is kind of a big deal. Every year we make sure to put on an ‘event to remember’ in support of farmed animals, something to give them the limelight so they can be the most effective ambassadors for their kind. And the money we raise ensures we can keep doing what we’re doing, rescuing the animals we can and speaking up for the ones we can’t.

This year shall be no different and we’d love you to come along and be a part of the celebration. It will be held on Sunday the 2nd of October 2016 from 11am to 4pm at the sanctuary in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia. We’ll have a similar feel as last year, community based with food vendors with delicious treats, games and, of course, Edgar’s Mission’s residents as the stars.

If you want to come along, be sure to sign up to our email supporters list here to get ahead of the game – last year tickets sold out in record time. When we release the tickets online we’ll send out an email to let you know they’re ripe for the picking.

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