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World Animal Day Extravaganza-14 separate events!

The ZSPCA is committed to raising the profile of World Animal Day in Zanzibar. This year we propose to celebrate World Animal Day with a series of activities aimed at school children and local communities. We will be organizing 7 school competitions in 30 primary and secondary schools from Unguja and Pemba. Twenty student from each school will participate making a total of 600 children. The competitions will be: Spelling Bee, Painting, Short Answer Questions, Debate, Drama and two poetry. The school competitions will help students and the local community improve their ability to understand and learn their daily studies, raise their awareness of animal cruelty issues and other animal issues and allow them to express their feelings about animals through painting, drama and poetry. The paintings will help those within the community who are unable to read to understand animal welfare issues. Participants will also be able to improve their English language skills. There will also be a Quran Madrasat Short Answer Question competition based on the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the Quran verse and cover animal welfare issues as explained in the Islamic religion. Fifty students from ten Quran Madrasat will participate. World Rabies Day will also be recognized during celebrations. We will hold free rabies vaccination clinics at the end of September and treating providing other animal treatment as required. Animal care guides will be distributed along with leaflets about rabies. We will also hold a football match during which we will distribute educational material to the spectators. There will be a free veterinary reatment clinic for the benefit of animals in rural areas belonging to poor people. All diseases will be treated and we will distribute animal health information and information about welfare issues in general. We will highlight the importance of treating animals properly and keeping them in good order so more income is made from livestock. On World Animal Day itself, we are organising a March of people and their animals which will include guests of honour. The March will help us create awareness of World Animal Day and we will use this opportunity to display banners with animal welfare messages. Of course, all our activities will be publicised in the media. Ali. A Juma, World Animal Day Ambassador.

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