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World Animal Day Festival

Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary celebrated World Animal Day with a daylong festival at Federation Square in the centre of Melbourne with a broad range of animal welfare and conservation groups, cruelty free food vendors and some of our farm animal ambassadors from Edgar’s Mission.  Hundreds of people joined in the festivities which were topped off by a traditional Tibetan Buddhist blessing of the animals and the launch of Pam Ahern’s first book ”A Gift of Kindness”. Evening of Kindness This year’s World Animal Day saw Edgar’s Mission host our very first ‘Evening of Kindness’ in which an esteemed panel provided their thoughts, views and opinions in answer to the question, “Is caring for animals still a radical pursuit?” Each speaker generously shared their own personal insights into what it means to be a caring human in today’s society, some bringing our audience to tears, others to laughter; and all were as thought- provoking as the next. And we have good news for all those who missed out on attending this event- you can have your very own ‘Evening of Kindness’ tonight in your own home as we proudly present footage from the night, including all speeches in full. Once again, we thank all those who made this event possible. https://vimeo.com/77199849 Speakers are:

  • Pam Ahern, Australian World Animal Day Ambassador
  • Phil Wollen, Philanthropist
  • Peter Siddle, Australian Cricket Champion
  • Moira Rayner, Barrister and Former Victorian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity
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