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World Animal Day France – 2 events at the sanctuary La Lumière des Chevaux


at the sanctuary LA LUMIERE DES CHEVAUX

October 4th & 9th

TUESDAY 4th, 2.00 pm 

You are welcome to the sanctuary! We’ll introduce you to the animals and, through all of their stories, we’ll talk about the issues related to the condition of animals… and consider a different way, a different life, a different relationship !
You’ll have the opportunity to discover the story and the message of the horses, cows and calves, sheeps, goats, dogs, wolfdog, cats, rooster and hens, donkeys, pig… and to know more about the life of a rescue shelter/sanctuary.
 Possibility to have a vegetarian/vegan lunch on the site for 10€ (reservations required) 
SUNDAY 9th, from 9.30 am 
- On sunday morning, ANIMAL COMMUNICATION workshop/talk ; we’ll discuss about WILDERNESS and FAMILIARITY , for a better understanding of the animals’ nature and their behaviours.

This morning, combining theory and observation/practice, will be, among other subjects, an occasion to think about the relationship we have with animals (no matter the specy) and how we can adjust it in order to respect them the way they are (instead of trying to make them match with human projections : exploitation, breaking, anthropomorphism, limitating or biaised vision…).
 - Shared lunch, everyone can bring a vegetarian/vegan meal

- Afternoon : SCREENING of a documentary about the multiple effects of meat/dairy consuming followed by a discussion about the movie. 

Spread the invitation and let us know if you are interested !

Price : conscious donation to support the sanctuary

Location: Oasis de Lentiourel, 12400 St Affrique (how to get there: http://oasisdelentiourel.over-blog.com/article-plan-d-acces-90710970.html)

Possibility to eat and sleep here (reservations required)

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