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World animal day in Alexandria 2022

Mau Hamada world animal day Ambassador in Egypt is organizing the celebration of world animal day in  Alexandria hosted by Future American school 

The event will start by awareness by awareness lectures by veterinarians who will offer free medical consultation for pets

Dr Mina Dimitry,  Dr Mohamed el Fikky,  Dr Salwa Refaey and Dr Mohamed Nagy 

And free grooming provided by animal planet clinic 

For the first time in Egypt coming from Turkey certified dog trainer Eng Mohamed Okaz will answer all questions about dog behavior and training 

Paws n paws the best pet supplies shop as usual and always very generous with animals ,will award the best 3 cats and 3 dogs joining the contest based on the care given by the owner 

Vet4ever is providing giveaways from thier products of deflea and deeorming medications to all attendees 

This year we are having a new co sponsor for the event Dog Moda one of best pet clothing company will be providing some giveaways for dogs attending the event

Free entrance 

The event started by Mau Hamada’s tslj about the history and aim of world animal day celebration,  followed by awareness lectures, answering questions and free medical consultations from vets Dr Mohamed El Fikky,  Dr Mina Dimitry and Dr Salwa Refaey and dog trainer coach Mohamed Okaz

Also the vet clinics offered discount vouchers on medical consultation, surgeries, dental cleaning and ultrasound in their clinics.

Animal planet clinic offered free grooming , ear cleaning,  nail clipping and anal gland expression for all attendees of the event

Vet4ever gave out shampoo and flea and tick repellent collars to all dogs.

Dog moda, offered some costumes for dogs attending the event.

At the end there was a competition to choose the best 3 cats and 3 dogs , the judging was based on the care given to the pet not on the breed.




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