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World Animal Day in Sri Lanka

Otara Gunewardene has been a World Animal Day (WAD) Ambassador since 2011 and has been furthering the cause for animal conservation and education in Sri Lanka through targeted campaigns and educational messages.

This year’s WAD campaign kicked off in September with the first of the events which was titled ‘Animal Defenders’ – an event organized to educate children on the importance of treating animals, both wild and domestic, with compassion and kindness.  Two events were held in the months of September and October of 2016, and attended by close to 400 children from all corners of Sri Lanka. The event included informative talks by wildlife experts, an educational puppet show as well as an art workshop.

In addition to the Animal Defenders event a number of educational and awareness raising messages were launched via social media as well as printed media under the World Animal Day theme and logo. See attached for a full list of media articles.

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