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World Animal Day in Uganda


Every Life Matters is the theme for World Animal Day 2018 in Uganda.  Come volunteer for a week of activities leading up to a huge celebration on October 4.

Uganda’s celebration, hosted by The BIG FIX Uganda, will include the following:

Community Rabies Vaccinations and Dog Guardian Education.  On September 28 (World Rabies Day), we will take our mobile veterinary clinic to a remote village and provide free vaccinations, veterinary care, and dog guardian education.  A community dog washing event will also take place.

Graduation of Comfort Dog Project teams.  On September 29, a celebration will follow the demonstration program and graduation ceremonies for the Comfort Dog Project dog-guardian teams who have just been certified.  Local dignitaries will be present to acknowledge the important roles that dogs play in our life, and our CDP Training Team will provide demonstrations and testimonials showcasing the benefits of positive human-dog bonds.

Radio Broadcasts.  Our education team, including the Officer in Charge of Gulu’s Criminal Investigation Division, will be involved in radio programs focused on educating the public about World Animal Day and our message, Every Life Matters, as well as the animal cruelty laws in Uganda.

Intercollegiate Debate Tounament.  Schools will be participating in an intercollegiate debate tournament focusing on the resolution:  those who commit acts of cruelty against animals should be subjected to severe criminal penalties.  The tournament will be in both English and Luo.  The finals of the English tournament will be held on World Animal Day.

Mural Painting.  Along with help from local artists, top artists from our Animal Kindness Clubs will help to paint a new mural at the BIG FIX Uganda’s Dog Hospital to commemorate World Animal Day 2018.

Parade.  A parade will be held in Gulu town commencing at 10:00 a.m. on 4 October 2018.  The parade will include a marching band, members of Animal Kindness Clubs, Comfort Dog Project Dog-Guardian Teams, Gulu Police Canine Unit, and community members with their dogs.

Reception and Art Exhibition.  A luncheon and art exhibition will be held at Smiling Panda Event Center in Gulu following the parade.  Artwork by children demonstrating the 2018 theme, Every Life Matters, will be showcased.  The final round of the intercollegiate debate tournament will be held and presentations and awards will be given by leaders and dignitaries in Northern Uganda.

Volunteer Program Itinerary for World Animal Day in Uganda 2018

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