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World Animal Day in Uganda

WORLD ANIMAL DAY 2017 IN UGANDA will feature a number of special activities including:

To help the animals in Pajule Subcounty, Pader District, The BIG FIX Uganda has organized 3 days of field clinics to occur in an area where there is a high dog population and there has been a lack of access to veterinary services.  The free clinics will be held on September 26-28 at various locations in the sub county.  Rabies vaccinations, de-worming, flea and tick treatment, health assessments by our vet doctors, treatment of wounds and injuries, and animal welfare education will be provided.  The BIG FIX Uganda’s team of Field Educators will also teach guardians how to wash and groom their dogs.

We will be promoting World Animal Day through radio and television broadcasts and community outreach events to be held throughout Gulu and Omoro Districts during the weeks prior to World Animal Day. Our campaign emphasis this year will be Zero Tolerance for Animal Cruelty.

A parade will occur on the morning of October 4, commencing and ending at Gulu District Headquarters.  150 Animal Kindness Club members will march along with 35 dog-guardian teams from The Comfort Dog Project, and a marching band. Members of the public are welcome to march with their spayed/neutered/vaccinated dogs. (These services are available on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis at The BIG FIX Dog Hospital, 0 783 299 456. Call for an appointment. Transportation can be provided.)

A debate tournament with categories in Wnglish and the local language will be held the week prior to World Animal Day and the final round will be held after a luncheon in Gulu featuring speeches by local dignitaries, a student Animal art exhibitiion, and animal themed poetry recitations of original work created by our Animal Kindness Clubs.  A scholarship for Outstanding Animal Advocate will be awarded to an the Animal Kindness Club member who has shown exceptional dedication to speaking out on behalf of animals. 

World Animal Day in Uganda featured a parade with over 300 people, marching band, and loudspeaker truck playing the WAD theme song “Larema”, in Gulu.  More than 30 dogs and 250 primary school children representing 18 Animal Kindness Clubs participated in the parade.  The parade was followed by school competitions in drama, music, dance, and poetry – all original creations of the Animal Kindness Clubs to convey the “Larema” theme, that animals are our friends.

A community dog washing event was held in Pece on 1 October to prepare for the World Animal Day celebration.  176 dogs and 1 cat were washed at the event.

World Animal Day was a very memorable event for all involved and we hope to make our celebration in Uganda even bigger and better in 2018!  Come join us as an international volunteer for The BIG FIX Uganda in 2018!

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