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World Animal Day is coming soon at Social Innovation Lab, Taipei, Taiwan.


Echoing the international centurial World Animal Day

Sharing the beauty of Taiwan to the world

We hold an activity containing multiple interactive projects that include  introduction of TCDA Dog, free animal clinic, animal adoption and disseminating the responsibilities of breeders which combine public service and crossover collaboration.

Aiming at beautifying the world through loving and protecting animals.


4th Oct.2022 World Animal Day

Let’s create many fun and beautiful memories together.

International World Animal Day, Taiwan gearing to nations.

Perhaps you may have known about 4th Oct is WAD, it’s a hundred Memorial Day in every country after all.

This Memorial Day is consisted of every city, school, organization, group and every friend caring and concerning  animal. Since 2016, Taiwan has been the first country that Mayor of capital city joined and gave a welcome speech in person in the world. United Nations propose SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals), which is a series of 17 issue concluding sustainable utilization of marine resources, terrestrial ecosystem, additionally, forest management and conservation of biological diversity are important indicators.

WAD’s mission is to uplift animals’ status and diminish human beings harmful behaviours. All animals we care include marine animals, terrestrial animals, companion animals, laboratory animals and economic animals, moreover, maintaining the inseparable relationship between plants and water resources. To carry out this goal, there are more than 20 organizations of animal welfare and environmental conservation join 2022 TAIPEI WAD cordially at Social Innovation Lab

To celebrate the special day, WAD UK headquarter assembles global animal welfare organizations in which welcomes everyone who loves animals to join, no matter our religion, political slant and ideology. There’s no difference between human and animals. They are just like us could feel panic and pains, but happiness either.

We convince firmly that a society cares plenty about animal welfare(raising quality of care, avoiding unnecessary pain and harm, concerning about physiological and psychological needs)that may help human to build up a safer environment, hence we look forward to living in a country that government values animal welfare workers such as animal protection inspectors, animals case inspectors and animal rescue specialists, besides let people gain deeper understanding and respect the workers so that we could approach next animal welfare milestone.

TaiwanWAD organizer encourages people to care about animals by doing some special fun things, furthermore to respect for life on earth. Caring about animals and arouse whole country people indicates citizenship quality and the civilization level of a country.

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