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World Animal Day Jakarta

On World Animal Day in Indonesia protests were organized in Jakarta, Jogjakarta and Surabaya to ask attention for the ongoing dolphin travel show, which in fact has been declared illegal by the minister of forestry after years of campaining. The protests were organized by JAAN, Animal Friends Jogja, Welfarian Surabaya and also attended and supported by our friends from Divemag Indonesia and Change.org Just after World Animal Day JAAN was busy with a big rescue of wildlife (amonst the animals was a sumatran tiger and gibbons) from a private trader and in the same month we received the news from Jakarta’s governor that the dancing monkeys in Jakarta will be forbidden…so, this year, every day in october marked world animal day…as there were many activities and a big victory for especially the dancing monkeys who will no longer be dancing. JAAN is assisting the government with the rescue and rehabilitation of the monkeys.

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