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World Animal Day – Otara Foundation

Otara Foundation commemorated World Animal Day under the theme of Animal Entertainment. The foundation chose to focus on animals that are robbed from their natural habitat and deprived of freedom for man’s commercial benefit.

Thousands of animals around the world are either stolen from the wild in their early years or born and bred in captivity, their spirits are shattered with painful and torturous methods and are trained to perform tricks for the temporary amusement of visitors.

Baby elephants are tied up, their limbs drastically stretched and bullhooks and electric prods are used to cause severe pain in order to force them to perform.

Sea animals such as dolphins and sea lions are stolen from the sea, kept in small solitary tanks, and starved to encourage obedience.

Monkeys and chimpanzees are captured at birth, separated from their mothers, beaten, tied up and forced to ride unicycles and dance around.

This form of entertainment is not limited to big shows and circuses, but are also visible in regular public spaces, where helpless animals are forced to perform dangerous and unnatural tricks, surrounded by crowds of cheering people.

Once the show is over, all that remains is solitary confinement, without proper food or water and no way of nursing injuries caused during the performance.

Otara Foundation focused on educating the public on the various venues of animals in entertainment that can be seen home and abroad, and how we can all make an impact in our own way. The campaign encouraged the boycotting of venues with animal entertainment and provided information on how our choices can affect real change for the life of an animal.

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